If you’re not scared right now about losing ne…






This isn’t my type of post but Net Neutrality is so important.

Forget your page’s aesthetic, share this with everyone you know. Without Net Neutrality, the internet itself would change.

Companies would be able to charge websites if they want them to load faster than others on your computer. This means that they would purposefully bottleneck speeds on every website that doesn’t have the funding to pay for it faster speed. There’s NO reason for this. Are you a small business with a website and can’t afford to pay enough to get faster speeds? Too bad. Are you someone with a personal blog? Slow page loading. Do you want to view a website written by a nonprofit organization for your school project? You’ll have to wait until the page loads because, since they’re nonprofit, they can’t afford to pay enough to cable companies so that their page loads faster.

An alternative to this would be having to pay for faster internet. Internet service should be priced by usage, not speed. For home internet, unlimited use isn’t all that expensive so it’s really common. You wouldn’t want to pay extra for more speed.

This would possibly affect the way that the internet works on other devices such as your phone, gaming system, laptop, tablet, etc.

We NEED Net Neutrality.

If a company doesn’t agree with a specific website, they could purposefully limit traffic to their site. This would be censorship, something that nobody likes.

There are many other reason as to why you should protect Net Neutrality.

This is an issue whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Left-wing, Right-wing, young, old, male, female, rich, poor, etc.



Guys, also think about he wider costs. Every business, school, hospital, pharmacy, first responder, government service—every single one uses the Internet. So, yes, the individual user will pay more for access, but so will the institutional users. The thing is, the institutional users aren’t just going to eat the increase in costs. They will pass them on to the consumer. They always do.

Education, healthcare, every single product and service, plus your local, state, and Federal taxes, will all GO UP.

Losing net neutrality will affect the cost of every single product and service offered in this country. Every. Single. One.

So what do we do?

Call Congress – https://www.battleforthenet.com/ 

If you don’t want to or can’t call, text RESIST to 50409 to directly fax them a letter!

Page Asthetics be damned. This is REALLY important, guys.