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DIY Survival Doll for the Person Who Has Everything 

Do you need an original gift for that hard to shop for friend? I can guarantee you your gift recipient does not have this!

Make this DIY Survival Art Doll filled with things you will need if the SHTF. This is the most original doll/plush hacks I’ve ever seen. 

*Can’t sew? Use a muslin cloth doll base (super cheap at craft stores or online), or use existing plush.*

The creator of the Survival Art Doll from the blog Stuff You Can’t Have wrote:

Whether earthquake, tornado, terrorist attack, the rapture, or an alien invasion from outer space, you have only to grab your survival doll and run.

Concealed within this innocent-looking, seemingly worthless doll is everything you will need to survive just about anything that could possibly happen.

What are the features of this Apocalypse Doll?

Arms – filled with rice

Legs – filled with dried beans

Head – made with a plastic bottle with hardware like fish hooks, nails, safety pins, twine, and fishing line.

Heart – filled with silver dimes

Felt heart conceals a cache of silver dimes. Minted prior to 1964, these dimes are comprised of 90% pure silver and can be used for negotiable currency after the global economy collapses. 

Torso – survival gear (lots of suggestions at the link)

Petticoat –  layered petticoats printed with a survival manual 

 A two-layer petticoat concealed beneath the dress contains a complete survival manual. Contents range from first aid, constructing a raft, and building shelter, to crafting primitive weapons and purifying water.

Find out all the details for the OOAK Survival Doll from Stuff You Can’t Have here.