Author: TheDanseMacabre

And here’s the last crop of pics of my room! I saved my favorites for last, since my bed is the real centerpiece of this whole room. I really have added a LOT of things to the room since I last took pictures years ago. 😅🎃 Hope you guys like the pics and they bring a smile to your face.

I have no issues with my bedroom pics being shared, and you can credit me or not, either is fine with me. Just don’t try to pass the bedroom off as your own, please. I’ve had people pretend that it was THEIR room, and that’s just not cool.

Moving on to the larger collections in my room. Next post will be my favorite/best pictures of my bedroom!

Knick knacks & small decor pt. 2!

My Knick knacks & smaller decor pt. 1

FINALLY after over a year of good intentions, I’ve taken updated pictures of my Halloween bed/bathroom that went viral years back. I’ll be uploading them in sections, since there’s a lot. 😅 I didn’t realize how many Halloween Knick knacks I had!

We’re starting with my bathroom! Enjoy!

Shameless plugging ahead!

If you’re like me and love Halloween all year long as well as baths, check out my Etsy store! I keep it spooky all year long (and even have other awesome non-Halloween items) with bath bombs, sugar scrubs, lotion, and whipped soap!

Everything is handmade and hand painted by me! All natural and cruelty free!