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DIY Santa or Viking Beard Free Pattern 

Updated 2019

You can make this viking beard into a Santa Claus beard on her blog For the Knit of It here

  • Left Top Photo: Melissa Campbell’s free crochet pattern is on Ravelry here. Link to crochet Viking Helmet below. 
  • Right Photo: Santa Beard from For the Knit of It here.
  • Bottom Photo:

    This image was posted by Projekte, Projekte here – the beard, helmet and horns. The beard was made from Melissa Campbell’s free pattern, and the knit viking helmet is also a free pattern from aknitica on Ravelry here

Here’s another take on Melissa Campbell’s free Viking Beard Ravelry pattern by tat2kitten.


The crochet Lael Viking Helmet pictured on the Top Left Photo is a $5.50 pattern from Tara Murray here.


Turn thee, zorbo—look upon thy death!

Mask down, clothing prepared, only makeup…

Common Sword Types Infographic

Looking for costume inspiration?

You can find this print of Common Sword Types at Etsy Store at Zapista here.

This is a selection of books about the 18th century fashion, history, beauty,…

10 Animal Skeleton Printables

To get these free printables you have to subscribe to The Navage Patch blog. Then you will get a password to their free printables library. 

Print them out cheaply on engineering prints. What are engineering prints? They are extremely cheap prints made on regular paper. They used to be available only in black and white, but now you can get color ones.These prints are 36″ wide and then you can go as long as you want. A 36”x 36” will run you $4.50 at my Staples. Find out more here:

Here are the rest of the Animal and Human Skeleton Printables:


From The Navage Patch

we designed these free animal skeleton printables in several colors and four sizes: 8.5×11 inch, 11×17 inch, 12×18 and 16×20 inch. The sizes 8.5×11 and 11×17 inch are PDFs, so they are not scalable. But the 12×18 inch and 16×20 inch are prepared as JPEG, so you can scale them up or down as necessary.

Find the Animal Skeleton Printables at The Navage Patch here.

Here are some more Halloween Printables free from The Navage Patch




I’ve waited all year to be able to reblog this


Happy Halloween!

truebluehalloween:I posted about Bat Dresses in…


To die, to be really dead… that must be glorious!

Dracula (1931) dir. Tod Browning

Have a great Halloween everyone!

DIY Last Minute Costume: Fork in the Road

Have you suddenly got the Halloween spirit and need a costume?

If you don’t have yellow tape use white tape. If you don’t have white tape use duct tape. 

  • Left Photo:


    via Instagram here

  • Top Right Photo: Instructables by mystery_gal here 
  • Lower Right Photo: source

Also a last minute option: Identity Thief


DIY Halloween Snow Globe Ring Inspiration 

Updated Links 2019

This is a BUY or DIY a Halloween Snow Globe Ring. 

For more DIY Halloween Jewelry go here:

  • BUY: This ring from HoKiou’s store is $59 here. The diorama inside is made out of polymer clay.
  • DIY: I posted this DIY Snowglobe Ring from Hello Glow here
  • Photos Below: DIY by Hello Glow, Etsy Snow Globe Ring $3.99 here.