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by Sam Heimer



Happy October, and the first day of Halloween. 🎃

Halloween bath bombs anyone?

Some of you may know that I recently opened up a bath/body shop where I sell homemade (and natural/cruelty free) bath bombs, sugar scrubs, body butter, and whipped soap!

Well, I’m officially launching my Halloween line! I have a few items up in my Etsy shop already, and more coming this week! Just in time for October!

These bath bombs will be available tomorrow afternoon for purchase and I have a few more whipped soaps, body butter, and scrubs coming this week as well! I have pages on Facebook and Instagram that provide a link to the store, so go give either or both a follow! 😊

My Halloween line will be running from now until Thanksgiving, then they’ll be back in the crypt until next year! (Though there will be plenty of other goodies up all year long for you… I *may* keep a few Halloween items up all year long as well.)

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A thick book filled with Halloween themed scary stories? Yes, I will loose myself amongst these ghoulish pages, thank you very much.