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DIY Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies 

This is so easy and all you need is a ziplock bag full of icing for the legs. This is a KID FRIENDLY RECIPE. 

For more Halloween food like the blood fountain, french bread coffin and skeleton, or Brie Coffin Cheese Cemetery go here:

DIY Find the DIY Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe and Tutorial from Hungry Happenings here. 

This image below has been pinned to death on Pinterest and is on my “Pinterest Urban Legends” Board. The description under the pinned cookie was always the same, “use a toothpick to drag out ‘legs’ from melted choc chips!” Well Craft Fail found the real image that was (of course) submitted to a photoshop contest that you can read about here as well as the craft fail using a toothpick.


DIY Jack Skellington Gluten Free Cookie Cake Recipe from Sweet Nothings in the Kitchen 

I made a double batch of my favorite cookie dough, sans chips.  Spread about a quarter of the batter into an 8″ cake pan.  (It helps to have oiled or moistened hands, as is usually the case with gluten free batters/doughs)  Smooth it out.  Then press the chips in however your heart desires.  My heart desired Jack Skellington.  (the mouth got a little distorted as it rose in the pan, so you might want to not get so close to the edge).