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9 DIY  Plague Doctor  Crafts


The Plague Doctor from You’re a Daisy If You Do Designs $7.00 pattern here.


Plague doctor Gothic doll from Anna Boychenko $4.50 pattern here.


Plague Doctor from NeedleNoodles $4.00 pattern here.



I’ve seen Plague Doctor fabrics made into journal covers, totes, and even pendants.

Doctors of the Plague by nixels from Spoonflower here.


Plague Doctor by ameliae from Spoonflower here.


Chibi Plague Doctors Black and White by ameliae from Spoonflower here. White and Black is here.



DIY Beak Mask Tutorial and Pattern from here. Updated Link


Make a

DIY Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask using Craft Foam. Here’s the pattern for the Craft Foam Plague Mask by Chris Huebert here.


Plague Doctor Mask by vivid-and-trivial from Instructables here. For more guidance on how to make this mask, look at the comments. Lots of people have made their own version of this mask.



DIY Santa or Viking Beard Free Pattern 

Updated 2019

You can make this viking beard into a Santa Claus beard on her blog For the Knit of It here

  • Left Top Photo: Melissa Campbell’s free crochet pattern is on Ravelry here. Link to crochet Viking Helmet below. 
  • Right Photo: Santa Beard from For the Knit of It here.
  • Bottom Photo:

    This image was posted by Projekte, Projekte here – the beard, helmet and horns. The beard was made from Melissa Campbell’s free pattern, and the knit viking helmet is also a free pattern from aknitica on Ravelry here

Here’s another take on Melissa Campbell’s free Viking Beard Ravelry pattern by tat2kitten.


The crochet Lael Viking Helmet pictured on the Top Left Photo is a $5.50 pattern from Tara Murray here.


Turn thee, zorbo—look upon thy death!

Mask down, clothing prepared, only makeup…

Common Sword Types Infographic

Looking for costume inspiration?

You can find this print of Common Sword Types at Etsy Store at Zapista here.

This is a selection of books about the 18th century fashion, history, beauty,…


DIY Crochet Spiderweb Gloves

These are some of the best functional and pretty Halloween/Cosplay crochet gloves I’ve seen, and the pattern is free for these “Morticia” Gloves!

Find Crochet Halloween DIYs from spiderwebs, skulls, and dolls here.

Find the free pattern for these DIY Crochet Spiderweb Gloves from Moochka by

Anna Nikipirowicz


DIY Dan Dare Steampunk Ray Gun

More photos of the finished DIY Steampunk Ray Gun below


This is a junk build made of the following:

  • old plastic sprite bottle
  • broken hot-glue gun
  • medicine cup
  • C02 tube
  • irrigation switch
  • foam
  • craft gems
  • primer and paint. 

TIP: Rub n’ Buff is a crafter’s  secret weapon.

For everything DIY Steampunk go here.

Find more info for this DIY Steampunk Ray Gun from Nerfenstein here.

More DIY Ray Guns

For this DIY Easter Egg Ray Gun Tutorial from EPBOT go here.


Make a $2 Dollar Store DIY Steampunk Ray Gun from EPBOT here.


For the DIY Steampunk Ray Gun Display Stand Tutorial from EPBOT go here.



DIY Claw Nails 

Updated Link 2019

Need long claws for your costume? This is a really good tutorial where you can use posterboard or better yet wonderflex.

Find the DIY Lady Deathstrike Claw Nails Tutorial from here.


DIY Inspiration: Steampunk or Cosplay Monocle

This would be such an easy DIY.

From Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2007 here.


DIY Very Cheap and Easy Wire Heart Crown 

This is so easy because it is one piece of wire with continuous hearts. 

For more DIY crowns go here:

Find the DIY Wire Heart Crown tutorial from Make and Tell.

Or go a little dark… 

Take Inspiration: Wire Cobweb Crown designed by Alex Gumn and sold out at Folksy here (lots of photos with different angles).  If you read my other blog truebluemeandyou, there are pages of wire and wire wrapped DIYs here to help you make this.