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DIY Santa or Viking Beard Free Pattern 

Updated 2019

You can make this viking beard into a Santa Claus beard on her blog For the Knit of It here

  • Left Top Photo: Melissa Campbell’s free crochet pattern is on Ravelry here. Link to crochet Viking Helmet below. 
  • Right Photo: Santa Beard from For the Knit of It here.
  • Bottom Photo:

    This image was posted by Projekte, Projekte here – the beard, helmet and horns. The beard was made from Melissa Campbell’s free pattern, and the knit viking helmet is also a free pattern from aknitica on Ravelry here

Here’s another take on Melissa Campbell’s free Viking Beard Ravelry pattern by tat2kitten.


The crochet Lael Viking Helmet pictured on the Top Left Photo is a $5.50 pattern from Tara Murray here.


Turn thee, zorbo—look upon thy death!

Mask down, clothing prepared, only makeup…


Happy Halloween!

truebluehalloween:I posted about Bat Dresses in…

DIY Last Minute Costume: Fork in the Road

Have you suddenly got the Halloween spirit and need a costume?

If you don’t have yellow tape use white tape. If you don’t have white tape use duct tape. 

  • Left Photo:


    via Instagram here

  • Top Right Photo: Instructables by mystery_gal here 
  • Lower Right Photo: source

Also a last minute option: Identity Thief


8 Last Minute Halloween Tee Shirt Costumes 

Updated Link 2019

Make these 8 Halloween Tee Shirt Costumes using tees and easy to find materials.

  • Frog
  • Cupcake
  • Pinata
  • Sunny Side Up Egg
  • Mr/Mrs Potato Head
  • Night Sky
  • Bunch of Grapes
  • Magic 8 Ball

Find these 8 Halloween Tee Shirt Costumes from Real Simple here.


DIY Beanie Baby Pet Costume Tutorial and Template 

Updated 2019

This has got to be the easiest pet costume ever. All you need is paper, a printer (or use red and white paper), and a template.

Find the DIY Beanie Baby Pet Costume Tutorial and Template from Pugdemoniom here. The link to the template is dead, see the links below.

Find this Ty Beanie Baby Tag here.

Here’s another printable here.

And you can also Google “Ty Beanie Baby Tag” and get something like this:


DIY Claw Nails 

Updated Link 2019

Need long claws for your costume? This is a really good tutorial where you can use posterboard or better yet wonderflex.

Find the DIY Lady Deathstrike Claw Nails Tutorial from here.


DIY Halloween Last Minute Giant Hooded Ghost Cloak 

This giant hooded cloak is made out of 2 twin sheets. 

This is a super simple DIY, and you can use fabric glue instead of sewing – see video below.

Find the DIY Last Minute Hooded Ghost Cloak Tutorial from Mer Mag here.


DIY Inspiration: Steampunk or Cosplay Monocle

This would be such an easy DIY.

From Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2007 here.


DIY LED Storm Cloud and Rain Costume – NO SEW

The storm cloud flashing thunder headdress is made out of a hat, LED lights, foam board, polyfil, and spray adhesive.


Find the tutorial for this LED Storm Cloud and Rain Costume from Make It & Love It here.