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9 DIY  Plague Doctor  Crafts


The Plague Doctor from You’re a Daisy If You Do Designs $7.00 pattern here.


Plague doctor Gothic doll from Anna Boychenko $4.50 pattern here.


Plague Doctor from NeedleNoodles $4.00 pattern here.



I’ve seen Plague Doctor fabrics made into journal covers, totes, and even pendants.

Doctors of the Plague by nixels from Spoonflower here.


Plague Doctor by ameliae from Spoonflower here.


Chibi Plague Doctors Black and White by ameliae from Spoonflower here. White and Black is here.



DIY Beak Mask Tutorial and Pattern from here. Updated Link


Make a

DIY Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask using Craft Foam. Here’s the pattern for the Craft Foam Plague Mask by Chris Huebert here.


Plague Doctor Mask by vivid-and-trivial from Instructables here. For more guidance on how to make this mask, look at the comments. Lots of people have made their own version of this mask.



Crochet Krampus Hat – Free Pattern

You can find this free crochet pattern  for a Krampus Hat at Morale Fiber here.

Who and what is Krampus? From wikipedia:

“In Central European folklore, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure described as “half-goat, half-demon”, who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts.”

Below is a modern interpretation of Krampus by Derek Yaniger for sale on Outre Gallery here.


Krampus can be traced back to pre-Germanic paganism. His original name, krampen, means “claw”, and he was also the son of the Norse god of the underworld, Hel.

Krampus visits houses with St. Nicholas on the night of December 5th. St. Nicholas puts candy in the shoes of good kids, while Krampus puts birch twigs in the shoes of bad kids. 

Now Krampus has become the incarnation of Scrooge and the Grinch mashed together, with a little terror thrown in. 

Here is a Krampus greeting card from the early 1900s.


This is a reblog for those who missed my Krampus post last year.


DIY Santa or Viking Beard Free Pattern 

Updated 2019

You can make this viking beard into a Santa Claus beard on her blog For the Knit of It here

  • Left Top Photo: Melissa Campbell’s free crochet pattern is on Ravelry here. Link to crochet Viking Helmet below. 
  • Right Photo: Santa Beard from For the Knit of It here.
  • Bottom Photo:

    This image was posted by Projekte, Projekte here – the beard, helmet and horns. The beard was made from Melissa Campbell’s free pattern, and the knit viking helmet is also a free pattern from aknitica on Ravelry here

Here’s another take on Melissa Campbell’s free Viking Beard Ravelry pattern by tat2kitten.


The crochet Lael Viking Helmet pictured on the Top Left Photo is a $5.50 pattern from Tara Murray here.



DIY Crochet Spiderweb Gloves

These are some of the best functional and pretty Halloween/Cosplay crochet gloves I’ve seen, and the pattern is free for these “Morticia” Gloves!

Find Crochet Halloween DIYs from spiderwebs, skulls, and dolls here.

Find the free pattern for these DIY Crochet Spiderweb Gloves from Moochka by

Anna Nikipirowicz


DIY Cosplay or Halloween Crochet Amigurumi Handcuffs Free Pattern

Updated Link 2019

If you like the pattern, download it now as I can’t find the original post anymore.

 Find these DIY Crochet Handcuffs Free Pattern from Roving Around Crafts here.  


DIY Crochet Spiderweb Halloween Costume

You can get 50% off this $2.00 pattern using the coupon code “THALESWEB” – but I’m not sure when the coupon expires.

Liz Spencer on Ravelry writes:

This pattern works up pretty quickly and makes for a really easy, but really fun and unique costume for last minute Halloween parties, trick-or-treating or, if you’re like me, a fun little number to throw over a black dress and wear out anytime because Halloween is life.

It is an easily customizable pattern, so you can make one to fit everyone in your family even! The design is for a pullover type item that looks like a spider’s web, and has an open webbing look to it, and it could easily be slipped over items such as ports and other medical equipment as well.

Find the $2.00 pattern for the DIY Crochet Spiderweb Costume from Ravelry member Liz Spencer here.

You can also make a cheap and easy spiderweb tee shirt. You can find the DIY Corinne Day Inspired Spiderweb Tee Shirt Tutorial from Jezebel here.



DIY Crochet Skeleton Scarf Pattern

I looked back on my old post for

Fabienne Gassmann’s Crochet Self Portrait Skeleton Scarf, and found that almost every link was broken and there was no pattern at that time. So this is the Updated 2019 post with a pattern.

Self Portrait Skeleton is a large scarf for the patient crocheter, it is worked entirely in filet crochet and ends up as a picture of a life size skeleton.

Here is another cool photo of the scarf:

You can find the DIY Filet Crochet Skeleton Scarf Pattern for $6.17 on Ravelry by Fabienne Gassmann here.

You can see the scarf for sale for on the WayBack Machine for $1,171.68 (950 GBP) here.

Here’s a chart made my pani-ann on the WayBack Machine here.

Fabienne Gassmann


DIY Crochet Skull Narrow Scarf Free Pattern

How hard is this pattern?


Find the DIY Crochet Skull Scarf Free Pattern by Karin Kaufmann at Ravelry here.

Also check out the DIY Crochet Skull Shawl Free Pattern from kungen och majkis on Ravelry here.



DIY Crochet Hat Patterns from the Mind of The Twisted Hatter

Are you looking to crochet something more adventurous? Natalie Allen, The Twisted Hatter, has a bunch of projects for you.

Top Photo: $8 Pattern Twisted Kraken Hat on Ravelry here.

Here is the help video on the Twisted Kracken Hat here

$7 Pattern Gas Mask Gone Twisted on Ravelry here.


$7 Pattern Twisted Unicorn Hat on Ravelry here.


$6.50 Pattern Luna Rae Dragon Hood here.


$6.50 Pattern Twisted Jellyfish here.



DIY Crochet Bat Wings 

Crochet Bat Wings Designed To Be Sewn on a Sweater, Free Pattern Alert! 👉 🦇