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DIY Inspiration: Teeth Purse by Artist Nancy Fouts

Because it’s the little creepy details that are the scariest…

How can you make your own? Dentures and a coin purse. And yes, they sell dentures online – even at Amazon.

For a super cheap option, these are $8.55 for a set of 9 (left), or these $4.99 Vampire Teeth Fangs (right).


Or there are these dentures for $24


You can read more about Nancy Fouts and her Un-Think exhibit  here, and see a catalog of her works at her website – check out 2012 for the teeth purse.

Other Teeth DIYs and Inspiration

Amazon sells these resin teeth for $8.00 that would be great in a lot of DIY projects.


DIY Vampire Fang Necklace from Flickr Photostream of zozietoast here. The teeth are made out of polymer clay.


DIY Halloween Inspiration: Fantich & Young Apex Predator Shoes here.