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DIY Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath

Make this DIY Jack Skellington Christmas Wreath using a Dollar Store plastic Christmas ornament, foam wreath ring, fabric, and craft foam.

From Jen at EPBOT:

Oh, and I haven’t done this yet myself, but to make this transition into Christmas better you can add a Santa hat & beard on Jack! You could also tack on some extra red-and-white swirls to look like peppermints.

Find the DIY Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath tutorial from EPBOT here.

You can find tiny Santa Hats on Amazon or make your own. The ones below are at Pampered Beardies here. In the About section of Pampered Beardies:

Proceeds from the shop continue to help pay the ongoing expenses of rehabilitating and re-homing Bearded Dragons. The shop also donates to other reptile rescue groups.

by Dan Piraro


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