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Halloween costumes: Kids


MY Pumpkin by PaganFireSnake



DIY Rubber Snake Bowl from Rain on a Tin Roof  

If you don’t have a heat gun I believe heavy duty glue will also work. If you have spray paint and a heat gun/glue this is a $2 DIY using Dollar Store snakes. 

For more pages of clever plastic and rubber toy ideas and DIYs go here. 



DIY Knit Snake Scarf Free Pattern

This is my attempt at a realistic Pseudonaja affinis, an elapid snake common in Western Australia. This was a requested design by a herpetologist studying these snakes for her PhD. The color Sequoia looks the most realistic for this snake which is sometimes called a Spotted Brown Snake

The 12 inch tail is knit like cord starting with very small needles. Most of the snake is stockinette worked back and forth. The head is knit in the round and requires a little hand sewing with a scrap of some non-fraying fabric similar in color to your yarn. You need some polyfill and eyes. I also added a patch of leather inside the head for shaping.

Knit this Snake Scarf by

Barbara Tomlinson from Find the PDF pattern on her website here, or on Ravelry here.


Thanks for the shout out Jen on EPBOT! I’m making these scarves and the Cockatoo scarves (see such a good Good Omen’s meme with cockatoos at EPBOT’s post) for Holiday presents. See EPBOT’s post here: